Schedule of Events



Highland Fling - Friday, October 13 • 6:00pm

Hors d’oeuvres, with a Scottish tinge, will be provided.  A Scotch tasting will cap the evening; beer and wine will also be available at the cash bar. Soloists will perform arias from Lucia di Lammermoor, members of Lit Youngstown will read classic and modern Scottish poetry, and artists will create paintings that will be auctioned off at the completion of the event.



Lucia di Lammermoor - Friday, November 10 • 7:30pm

Inspired by a novel by Sir Walter Scott, Lucia di Lammermoor is told through the masterful music of Gaetano Donizetti. Referred to as a Scottish version of Romeo and Juliet, Lucia and Edgardo are two innocent young lovers who quickly realize that not even the strongest passion will shield them from fate. After Edgardo is torn away from Lucia by duties in France, she is pressured to marry the wrong man. At her breaking point, Lucia’s emotions climax into one of the most memorable and powerful mad scenes in the world of opera.